Accesory Pak

Blowouts, party masks, loot bags and candy cups manufactured by Unique.

Agent Trakker

Wave 11 of Hasbro’s G.I. Joe (2008) line included an updated Matt Trakker figure.

Animation Cels

Original animation art used in making M.A.S.K.

Board Game

Produced by Parker Brothers for up to 4 players, ages 6 to 12.


A set of reusable stickers that allowed children to create their own action scenes.

Coloring Book

This giant-sized coloring book featured pictures of the characters, their vehicles and action sequences.

These coloring books were produced by Golden Books and featured stories from individual episodes.

Comic Page

Original art from DC Comics M.A.S.K. #2.

Diecast Thunderhawk

The Matchbox scale Thunderhawk was a free gift with purchase.

Drinking Cup

Produced by Deka Plastics, this cup just made things taste that much better!


Madman Entertainment out of Australia have produced the first complete M.A.S.K. DVD set in English.

Shout! Factory has released the first U.S. M.A.S.K. set, containing all 65 episodes of the original series.

Enamel Pin

An original enamel pin, no trademark or year is printed on the back.


The M.A.S.K. flashlight has Morse Code on it and a shutter so kids could spell out messages.

Flicker Rings

Made in the good old U.S.A., these flicker rings show the M.A.S.K. and VENOM vehicles in both normal and attack mode.

G.I. Joe vs Cobra

In part 2 of this story, Agent Trakker makes a small appearance.

Halloween Costume

In keeping with the massive merchandising M.A.S.K. experienced, a Matt Trakker with Ultra-Flash costume was produced by Ben Cooper, one of the largest manufacturers of children costumes in the United States at the time.


For some kids in the ’80s there was no better way to take your lunch to school than with M.A.S.K. at your side, available in red and blue.


The second installment in the series produced by Gremlin.

Mini World Books

A series of four children’s young reader books.

Party Masks

A set of eight paper masks designed to look like Spectrum.

Shipping Box

An official Kenner shipping box, used to send out their Action Pack sets.

Sticker Fixer

The Sticker Fixer people make reproduction labels for vintage toys which are often better quality than the originals.

Sticker Set

Made by Diamond, kids could collect the entire set and recreate stills from the show.

VHS Cassettes

VHS Tapes released by Kideo Video and others.


Another popular venue for merchandising, the Viewmaster offered 3 discs with different M.A.S.K. scenes.

Viper Mask

This cheap kids mask was made by JoTasTar.


Produced in 1985 by Spectra Star Kites.