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“More fun than ropin’ turkeys!”

We are going to cover a wide range of topics today, so try to keep up!

Thumb MASKs OffIf you have been keeping up with, you know that we promised a new video player for the Media page. Our wonderful web magician has delivered! A much more user friendly video player has been installed on the site. Not only is it a lot better looking than the previous layout, it should also load faster and be much more reliable – a triple threat!

What is bound to be more exciting for people however, are the two new videos added to our library. Our first addition is the most recent M.A.S.K. sketch from Cartoon Network’s Robot Chicken, titled M.A.S.K.s Off, which can now be viewed in the Media area. Of course, we make no claims to Robot Chicken’s content and never will! The other video addition comes to us from back in time, 1984 to be precise. An original M.A.S.K. toy commercial featuring Thunderhawk, Switchblade and Rhino. Trying to describe the sense of nostalgia this commercial evokes is useless, click to the Media page and experience it for yourself!

Next on our agenda is a message that comes from Scott over at his M.A.S.K. Comics blog. He wrote us saying:

I’ve started a campaign to Bring Back M.A.S.K. and to highlight to [Hasbro] that this can be done…

The link above takes you to a Facebook Post that already has almost 2k views and is growing daily… I’ve also started a Hashtag Campaign so everything can be easily found – #assembleMASK & #Hasbro.

Scott asked for help getting the word out, and of course was only too happy to oblige. That link will take you over to Scott’s Facebook campaign, just make sure to click the ‘Like’ button once you get there! Hopefully, the campaign gets attention and wakes up someone over at Hasbro (the current owner of M.A.S.K.). Anything that brings notice to this classic 80s cartoon is a worthy enterprise.

Moving right along, in our last update, we showed you James Eatock’s photo of the newly printed issues 9 and 10 of Cereal:Geek. Now we get to show you our own photos of our personal copies (click the image for a larger version):

Cereal Geek 9-10_Edit

As you can see, the issues look great. The printing on Cereal:Geek is top notch. As always, the magazine is cover-to-cover 1980s animation, not one single advertisement to ruin your reading experience! Our photo above was carefully chosen to assure you that Cereal:Geek once again has fantastic M.A.S.K. content. James also issued an email letting people know that it is not too late to order a copy of issue 9 and 10. Likewise, he wanted to inform folks that issues 11 and 12 are close to having enough orders to go to the printer. Mr. Eatock only needs 45 more pre-orders to get them moving into the print phase. If you have not ordered yet, now is a great time to do so! You can follow this link to pre-order your copies of 11 and 12.

That just about wraps things up, but check back soon. September 16th is M.A.S.K.’s ‘birthday’ – it first aired on September 16th, 1985 – and is going to make sure to commemorate the occasion with a big update.

The hunt is on!

vlcsnap-2013-06-21-16h55m05s241This should have made an appearance on a while ago, but somehow it slipped through the cracks.

The Travel Channel has a program called Toy Hunter airing on Wednesdays. The show follows vintage toy dealer, Jordan Hembrough, as he travels around the United States buying and selling toys. The show is currently wrapping up its second season (no word yet if the show will return for a third). Here is what Travel Channel has to say about it:

“Jordan Hembrough, a renowned toy dealer and ultimate toy hunter, takes toy picking to a new level as he takes on collections from some of the most popular cities on the East and West Coasts. His reputation for having the most sought-after, rarest finds has labeled him the “in-demand dealer” that everyone wants to have evaluate their stash.”

As you can guess, M.A.S.K. made an appearance on Toy Hunter. In the pilot episode, Jordan visits Cincinatti, former home of Kenner toys. In fact, he meets with a former employee who worked on the M.A.S.K. line. The employee, Jeff, tells Jordan that he worked specifically on Slingshot, seen in the shot below. In fact, his personal history with the vehicle makes it hard to negotiate a sale.


You can get more info about Toy Hunter on the Travel Channel site here.

Almost forgot!

Somehow in the excitement of M.A.S.K. getting mentioned in Transformers Prime something was forgotten. The picture of the vehicle Optimus scanned, the one from Agent Fowler’s M.A.S.K. Division – it never got posted! We are very sorry for this silly oversight. Without further ado, here it is:


Another quick note. is finally getting with the times and has launched our own twitter account. How this new avenue will be used is still taking shape. A button has been added to the sidebar on the right that will automatically set you to follow, just give it a click. Also, feel free to send tweets this way. We would love to hear from other people what you think of the site and what we might do to make it better.

MASKast 28!!!

ComicCoversJason and Wyatt of the infamous M.A.S.K. movie script were great enough to bring me on their show again. This time to discuss the three mini comics that were included along with M.A.S.K. toys. This link will take you over to their website. For those who want to read along or just refresh their memory on the M.A.S.K. mini comics, you can jump to the Comics page on

We will also be adding some more comic content to the site in the near future, so check back soon!

Strap yourself in!

First and foremost, wants to remind our readers to subscribe to MASKast if you have not done so already. For those who do not know, MASKast is a podcast entirely devoted to, you guessed it, M.A.S.K. The show comes out several times a month and is always a total blast. It is hosted by two great guys, Jason and Wyatt who really put a lot of time and effort into each program. You can click over to their website for more info.

ToyCollectorIconNext on our agenda, we are going to get you up to date on the toy collecting app we talked about last time. Since the initial review the app has been completely overhauled. The creator, Zack Fisher, of Three Brothers Apps, has really put a lot of work into this new version, including the gorgeous new icon. In fact, reached out to him and we were able to give some input and provide a lot of new images for the M.A.S.K. section of the database! This new version is definitely worth checking out, even if you already tried out the original. Besides M.A.S.K., the app features a lot of other toy collections as well; such as Star Wars, Battle Beasts, Hero Clix, and many more. The app is still free and can be found in the iTunes Store. Below are a few images from the M.A.S.K. portion of the app:


Next time we are going to talk to you about restoring your M.A.S.K. collection so that it sparkles like new. We will also reveal a great new M.A.S.K. fan site with some really fantastic and original content!

Mobile M.A.S.K.

In this update we’re going to take a look at a couple of M.A.S.K. related iPhone apps.

80sTriviaThe first app to cross our radar is is from Rocket Splash Games Inc. As you can see from the icon, the application is a game full of trivia from all of your favorite 80s cartoons. The program is fairly simple in it’s setup. You launch the game and it asks you how many questions you want in your round, either 10, 25 or 50. Once you have selected the game begins, the player has twenty seconds on each question to select the correct answer from the multiple choice list. The app is definitely not flashy and does not contain a lot of options, but still fun. Some basic features that would really kick the game up a notch include: multiplayer support, high score list and images accompanying the questions. Nonetheless, for less than a buck you can have access to a large library of great trivia, definitely worth picking up for any 80s animation fan. For those interested in, you can click here to go to the iTunes app store.

VintageEditionThe other app we are excited to share with our readers is Collection (Vintage Edition), created by Three Brothers Apps. As the name suggests, this particular application is designed for toy collectors. The app of course has M.A.S.K. toys, but it also includes Battle Beasts and Transformers. It includes information, pictures, and quality. It also supports creating a ‘wishlist’, for collectables you have yet to add to your collection. One thing we’d love to see is computer integration, a way to export to the computer and perhaps view on a webpage.

Collection (Vintage Edition) can also be installed on the iPad. The application actually seems to fit better on the larger screen, since with as large a list of toys as M.A.S.K. has, the extra screen real estate is very helpful. However, the app could use a resolution upgrade for the iPad and include higher quality pictures and thumbnails. The ability to sync a collection list from one device to another would be a great addition as well. One of the best parts about the app is the price point, Collection is 100% free! The author, Zach, has promised a big update coming soon so this is definitely a program to keep an eye on. You can track info and changes on the Three Brothers Apps website, or click over to the store to grab the it.

M.A.S.K. + Bus Fare

BusToday we have something for readers that is not only a great M.A.S.K. update, but also good for the world. Comic book artist, David Pugh, worked on M.A.S.K. comics published in the UK. He is now making that original art available to the public with the proceeds going to Bus Fare, a charity created by Pugh himself. Here is an excerpt from Pugh’s page:

“Bus Fare is a charity set up to help refugees and migrant workers visit their families, who have been separated by either political or economic necessity. It can also provide some pocket money to compensate for loss of wages, while they are travelling.”

It’s a great cause and is very happy to help spread the word. You can check out Pugh’s charity at Bus Fare, or view the Facebook page for it. And if you want to go directly to the artwork for sale (not just M.A.S.K., for the record), click here. The pieces are selling for £45 and £50 (approximately $70 to $78) plus shipping and packaging.



The other day the fine folks over at the M.A.S.K. Movie project invited me to participate in their podcast, MASKast! I have to say it was a blast, getting to reminisce about M.A.S.K. with other real fans is always a treat. The episode runs a little over half an hour and can be found here, on their website, and over on iTunes. If you have a chance, it’s definitely worth a listen. If you enjoy the show, remember that there is a nice backlog of episodes already done by those great guys.

MASKast #19 – Interview

There is also another small update to the site today. An observant reader noticed that under the photos of the M.A.S.K. board game there was a glaring omission; there is no picture of the board! Somehow when the photos of Raid and Rescue were added to that one got lost in the shuffle. For that we apologize, the mistake has been corrected. If you want to check out the gorgeous artwork done for M.A.S.K.’s very own board game click through to the Merchandise section for a look.

Get out your reading glasses!

Toyfare_220_002Toyfare_220_001It’s all about the paper! At least it is in today’s post. We’ve got two different periodicals for your enjoyment. The first is Toyfare #220 and it’s usual price guide update. Unfortunately this magazine has not had much else to offer for M.A.S.K. fans, but it is still nice to see that this 80s gem is not forgotten. As always, suggests you take these prices with a grain of salt. The prices presented here are much more of a guideline than the final word in M.A.S.K. toy prices. Whenever purchasing any collectable toy always do your research before buying! Everyone’s favorite auction website eBay is a great place to get an idea of what you should be paying for your M.A.S.K. toys and collectables.

The other piece of printed material is the long awaited issue 8 of Cereal:Geek! It’s hard to imagine any M.A.S.K. fan not being familiar with this magazine, but for those who do not know, Cereal:Geek is the premiere publication for 80s animation. Each issue covers a variety of topics from 1980s cartoons; from interviews to original art. Below are some images from this latest issue, but be sure to get your hands on your own copy to see the rest of the M.A.S.K. coverage. To take a look at some of the other volumes in the Cereal:Geek series click on over to their website.


Action time!

CG1We are still waiting on the arrival of some great new items coming to us from overseas, however that doesn’t mean we don’t have something for you. First off, something that slipped past us a while ago. Our friends over at Cereal:Geek put out a second printing of the first issue. Copies of Cereal:Geek #1 Reprint can be ordered from Graham Crackers, a fantastic comic book store based out of Chicago, IL.

Our other update is of the more traditional variety. Photographs of three different Action Figure Packs. Kenner released a variety of these packs during the M.A.S.K. era. Each pack contained two figures and their masks. The new additions to are:

• Bruce Sato & Brad Turner
• Cliff Dagger & Sly Rax
• Matt Trakker & Hondo MacLean

If you would like to see these new images, head on over to the Toys area of the site!