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Long overdue…

If a website could blush, would be bright red. This, the first post of 2014, comes much later than was hoped or planned. We are going to try to make up for it in force and update our visitors on what has been happening in the world of M.A.S.K.


In local news – local being the world of M.A.S.K. fandom – Wyatt and Jason are in the middle of a big revamp to their M.A.S.K. Movie site. It sounds like there are some substantial changes, and soon, if they hit their timeline goal. Here is what they had to say:

Website Update: Wyatt and I are getting closer to launching our new M.A.S.K. website! Our target is April 1, but in the meantime, you should be noticing some changes to our social media outlets. We’ll reveal more details including our new logo soon, but for now we can tell you that our name will be changing from “M.A.S.K. the Movie” to “Agents of M.A.S.K.”!! We will still be promoting our live action M.A.S.K. movie script, but will also focus on bringing fans together from all over the world.

– Jason

Plans to record another podcast with them are still in the works. But like most things, there are hiccups and complications. Needless to say we are all eager to get back on the mic and satisfy the craving for M.A.S.K. talk.

vlcsnap-2014-03-20-21h38m57s160Fans of M.A.S.K. do not have a lot of opportunities to see M.A.S.K. in current media (a very unfortunate situation) but this past week decided to break that trend in a big way. Travel Channel’s Toy Hunter follows toy dealer Jordan Hembrough as he travels around looking for vintage toys. M.A.S.K. had a nice showcase in the original pilot episode but then went essentially unseen. Now, in the third season, one of the most iconic M.A.S.K. toys ever released has been given the spotlight for a portion of the show. Digging through one of the many back rooms Jordan visits he found a complete-in-box Boulder Hill playset! The box has seen better days, but the set was in great condition. Jordan and the guys spent some time pulling the pieces out and setting it all up. It is great that this show remembers that these are toys that are meant to be played with!


vlcsnap-2014-03-20-21h42m58s1It was awesome to see M.A.S.K. make an appearance on Toy Hunter, especially after not so much as a peep in season two! Jordan struck a deal for the set relatively quickly – of course that could have just been editing for tv. Either way, the price he paid and the price he expected to resell the set for were a bit surprising. The Toy Hunter brokered the sale for $300.00 and said he expected to resell it for $500.00. I am sure that Jordan has a lot more experience buying and selling toys that most people, but based on going prices on eBay it sure looks like he bought high and plans to sell even higher. This goes double when you consider that his box is not in the best of shape. At the time of this article, you can purchase a complete and beautiful set for under $320.00 plus shipping. Completely complete! Gas pump hoses included! Even adding in an outrageous shipping charge you should be able to beat Jordan’s selling price by at least a hundred bucks. Selling retail versus selling online certainly is a different world but $180.00 is a big difference! will be be back soon with another update, promise! On the horizon is our next batch of pictures from the M.A.S.K. sticker set and a look at the newest issues of Cereal:Geek.

Bumper Car-toons!

The update for today is headed to our Media area. While not common anymore, during M.A.S.K.s heyday television programs frequently had bumpers to lead the audience into and back from a commercial break – M.A.S.K. was no exception. These little clips usually featured generic animation and a voice over from a character explaining that the show would be right back, or in the case of the return, that the show would now resume. At we have been fortunate enough to find six of these bumpers and bring them to our readers. The six bumpers are:

  • Alex Sector in Rhino
  • Matt Trakker using Spectrum Hangglider
  • Matt Trakker in Thunderhawk
  • Miles Mayhem in Switchblade
  • Scott and T-Bob
  • Sly Rax and VENOM

Look below to check out a couple snapshots of these great M.A.S.K. bumpers.


While the animation is pretty simple – basically just small animation clips – the audio is top notch and a fun treat for M.A.S.K. fans.

Happy Birthday M.A.S.K.!

Happy Birthday

On September 16th, 1985, children were treated to the very first airing of Mobile Armored Strike Kommand, M.A.S.K. The show has been described as a fusion of G.I. Joe and Transformers – but with its own unique appeal. Today is September 16th, 2013, which means M.A.S.K. is now twenty-eight years old. In that time, fans have been privileged to 75 animated episodes, a myriad of toys, an extensive comic book publication and a variety of other merchandise. To celebrate the birth of M.A.S.K., has put together an extensive look at different aspects of M.A.S.K., both past and present. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!


Continue reading

“More fun than ropin’ turkeys!”

We are going to cover a wide range of topics today, so try to keep up!

Thumb MASKs OffIf you have been keeping up with, you know that we promised a new video player for the Media page. Our wonderful web magician has delivered! A much more user friendly video player has been installed on the site. Not only is it a lot better looking than the previous layout, it should also load faster and be much more reliable – a triple threat!

What is bound to be more exciting for people however, are the two new videos added to our library. Our first addition is the most recent M.A.S.K. sketch from Cartoon Network’s Robot Chicken, titled M.A.S.K.s Off, which can now be viewed in the Media area. Of course, we make no claims to Robot Chicken’s content and never will! The other video addition comes to us from back in time, 1984 to be precise. An original M.A.S.K. toy commercial featuring Thunderhawk, Switchblade and Rhino. Trying to describe the sense of nostalgia this commercial evokes is useless, click to the Media page and experience it for yourself!

Next on our agenda is a message that comes from Scott over at his M.A.S.K. Comics blog. He wrote us saying:

I’ve started a campaign to Bring Back M.A.S.K. and to highlight to [Hasbro] that this can be done…

The link above takes you to a Facebook Post that already has almost 2k views and is growing daily… I’ve also started a Hashtag Campaign so everything can be easily found – #assembleMASK & #Hasbro.

Scott asked for help getting the word out, and of course was only too happy to oblige. That link will take you over to Scott’s Facebook campaign, just make sure to click the ‘Like’ button once you get there! Hopefully, the campaign gets attention and wakes up someone over at Hasbro (the current owner of M.A.S.K.). Anything that brings notice to this classic 80s cartoon is a worthy enterprise.

Moving right along, in our last update, we showed you James Eatock’s photo of the newly printed issues 9 and 10 of Cereal:Geek. Now we get to show you our own photos of our personal copies (click the image for a larger version):

Cereal Geek 9-10_Edit

As you can see, the issues look great. The printing on Cereal:Geek is top notch. As always, the magazine is cover-to-cover 1980s animation, not one single advertisement to ruin your reading experience! Our photo above was carefully chosen to assure you that Cereal:Geek once again has fantastic M.A.S.K. content. James also issued an email letting people know that it is not too late to order a copy of issue 9 and 10. Likewise, he wanted to inform folks that issues 11 and 12 are close to having enough orders to go to the printer. Mr. Eatock only needs 45 more pre-orders to get them moving into the print phase. If you have not ordered yet, now is a great time to do so! You can follow this link to pre-order your copies of 11 and 12.

That just about wraps things up, but check back soon. September 16th is M.A.S.K.’s ‘birthday’ – it first aired on September 16th, 1985 – and is going to make sure to commemorate the occasion with a big update.

Covers and Comics!

vlcsnap-2013-03-06-12h40m40s167Today we will be adding a couple new pieces to the site. The first, is one that followers of the MASKast Podcast will be familiar with (MASKast uses it as the lead-in to each episode). Our addition is a cover version of the M.A.S.K. theme song, performed by the (now defunct) band Video Micro. The song is now in our Media library, but it can also be found on Video Micro’s MySpace page. The band has also recorded a cover of the theme to Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors – for those who do not know, Jayce and M.A.S.K. actually shared quite a few sound effects!

Our second piece takes us to the United Kingdom and back in time to the 1980s, December, 1988, to be specific. The holiday issue of Eagle featured a six page M.A.S.K. story and a fantastic cover showing Miles Mayhem dressed up as Santa Claus! Readers will notice some marked differences between this comic and the cartoon. Particularly, VENOM being aware of Scott Trakker and his connection to M.A.S.K. Also, the normally cowardly T-Bob shows more courage in this one instance than in all the episodes of the cartoon combined. To check out the full story, click on over to the Comics section and enjoy.

Pickin’ up steam…

More great news for M.A.S.K. and 80s cartoon fans! James Eatock, the brainchild behind Cereal:Geek (the 80s cartoon magazine), sent out an email recently regarding the newest issue. For anyone who follows Cereal:Geek you know there has been a long delay for issue 8. Well, James’s email assures us all that issue 8 is at the printers and will reach it’s readers very soon!

DaggerNot just news but content as well, we’re doing it all here today! Our newest addition is an Argentinean variant of Cliff Dagger. This variant from Argentina almost comes across as a knock-off. The knee joints are exposed metal unlike the ones in the US and European counterparts. The trimming is also given much less care, with bits of extra plastic found around the edges of the figure. Move your way to our Figures section to take a look at this South American action figure!

Several more M.A.S.K. toys have come our way, so do not forget to come back soon and see what we’ve cooked up!

From the depths…

The last few weeks have been very exciting here. It seems every day there is some new M.A.S.K. thing to get excited about. What is so exceptional about this, is that it is mostly new works, like the fantastic LEGO creations of a few days ago. M.A.S.K. ended it’s original run in 1986, twenty-five years ago, knowing that people are still excited about it is definitely something to celebrate. However, today is a rewind to seven months before the first episode of M.A.S.K. ever aired.

In order to protect their property, Kenner filed patents on several of their vehicles; Thunderhawk, Condor, Rhino and Jackhammer. All four of those have been featured on for some time now. Today, however, we have the pleasure to showcase a fifth. After some lucky searching, has turned up the patent for Miles Mayhem’s Switchblade.

Toy helicopter

To see the page on a larger scale head over to the Guides page. Also accompanying the larger image, are the other four pages of this piece of M.A.S.K. history!

“Condor to Mach 1!”

Anyone who follows the site will have noticed that there has been a freeze on updates for a while. It was unavoidable as other pressing matters reared their ugly heads. Hopefully things will remain calm and at least a (semi)-regular updatie schedule can return to the site.

Besides this apology, is also happy to bring you some new items of interest. As the first half of the old saying goes: “something old, something new…” and we have one of each of those for you!

Something old: A short comic strip from Eagle magazine in the UK. The Adventures of Cliff Dagger, everyone’s favorite bumbling bad guy. Why does he wear an eyepatch? perhaps one day it will be explained. (The full sized comic can be found over in the Comics area of

The Adventures Of Cliff Dagger

Something new: While it is true that there has not been a new episode of M.A.S.K. in over twenty years that hardly means the show is forgotten. The great people over at StickerFixer have released another superb set of replacement decals. This time, they have recreated the labels for a personal favorite, Brad Turner’s Condor. The stickers for Condor are only $4 (US) plus shipping, which is an amazing deal for any M.A.S.K. enthusiast! Sticker Fixer uses high quality metallic paper to create their labels ensuring that their replicas are as good, or better, than the originals. Just check out the photo to get an idea of how great these things are.


As things slowly work back up to speed, more updates will be coming to (although posted content has been lacking, unposted content has continued to build up!). Keep your eyes pealed for more exciting stuff from the world of M.A.S.K.!