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The Big Reveal

At this point the United States Postal Service assures me that the winners have received their prizes. I didn’t want to put up any photos of the prizes before hand because I wanted it to be a surprise. But that’s not a problem anymore! So now we can take a look at just what was in those packages!

GrandPrize RunnerUp
On the left you have the grand prize, which went to Chris. It includes:

  • M.A.S.K. Lunchbox
  • ‘The Deathstone’ Novelization
  • Best of M.A.S.K. DVD
  • M.A.S.K. Mini Comic #2
  • Condor
  • StickerFixer Condor Label Set
  • Brad Turner
  • Sly Rax
  • Ali Bombay
  • Buddie Hawks
  • Thunderhawk Sticker
  • Sealed M.A.S.K. Sticker pack
  • Original Cards

Hopefully Chris is enjoying all the loot! He wasn’t the only one to win. Because so many people entered, I decided to create a runner-up prize, which went to Greg. He received:

  • Matt Trakker
  • Miles Mayhem
  • Original Cards

I have not heard from them, so I can only assume they are busy posing and playing with their new toys. Enjoy them guys – sorry I could not send everyone who entered a prize, I really wish I could.

But wait! We’ve got more! What update would be complete without something new. Fresh from across the Atlantic Ocean is proud to bring you the European exclusive Matt Trakker with Lava Shot.  This variant features Matt with a black shirt, pink pants and pink Lavashot. You can check out photos of this new figure on the M.A.S.K. Agents page of the site.

That’s all for now. With 2015 winding down hopefully I can squeeze one more update before the new year. Keep checking back for more M.A.S.K. toys and news.

30 Years of M.A.S.K.!

Thirty years ago today, M.A.S.K. made its television today. Flash forward to present day and it seems unlikely that the creators imagined people would still be collecting the toys and watching the show. It seems just as unlikely that this site is six years old. If you visited last year you probably remember that the M.A.S.K. Day update was a big one, hopefully this year does not disappoint.

MASK Anniversary Backed

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Happy M.A.S.K.iversary!

maskdayHappy anniversary to our favorite cartoon! M.A.S.K. – Mobile Armored Strike Kommand – is celebrating the 29th anniversary of the original release of the show. If you follow the site you know that there has been a TON of work going on to get ready for this day. This article will take you through all the different things that have been happening, both here and on other M.A.S.K. sites. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

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Two, for the price of one

One of the stranger toys to come out of the M.A.S.K. production line was definitely the Laser Command set. The set included two ‘vehicles’ that interacted using infrared rays. The M.A.S.K. vehicle was Hornet, but to label it a vehicle is a bit generous. Before transforming, Hornet starts as a crate – not exactly ‘Mobile’. Hornet did convert into a mini-jet, piloted by none other than the leader of the M.A.S.K. team, Matt Trakker.

(Click to enlarge)

VENOMs contribution to this set is Ratfang, a blue station wagon that transforms into… a blue station wagon with “flash cannons”. After looking at Ratfang for a few moments it will probably begin to give people a sense of déjà vu. This is because most of Ratfang is actually just Firecracker. To be precise, the entire front half is exactly the same, just blue. The back half is also fairly similar. The pickup truck bed has been replaced with a full back – this provides a place for wiring, electronics and the very important 9V battery. To face off against Matt Trakker – Ratfang was controlled by Miles Mayhem himself.

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Pickin’ up steam…

More great news for M.A.S.K. and 80s cartoon fans! James Eatock, the brainchild behind Cereal:Geek (the 80s cartoon magazine), sent out an email recently regarding the newest issue. For anyone who follows Cereal:Geek you know there has been a long delay for issue 8. Well, James’s email assures us all that issue 8 is at the printers and will reach it’s readers very soon!

DaggerNot just news but content as well, we’re doing it all here today! Our newest addition is an Argentinean variant of Cliff Dagger. This variant from Argentina almost comes across as a knock-off. The knee joints are exposed metal unlike the ones in the US and European counterparts. The trimming is also given much less care, with bits of extra plastic found around the edges of the figure. Move your way to our Figures section to take a look at this South American action figure!

Several more M.A.S.K. toys have come our way, so do not forget to come back soon and see what we’ve cooked up!

Back in action!

Toyfare121_CloseUpThe outside world has kept us busy here at for the last few weeks but we’re happy to get back to the world of M.A.S.K. today. The upside of not posting new content for a length of time is that we have even more to post now!

  • Dynamo
  • Raven Box
  • Manta
  • Bruce Sato (Dynamo)
  • Bruce Sato Clone (Dynamo)
  • Parker Brothers Board Game
  • Toyfare 121 Exposé

To see everything in this update you’ll have to visit almost every page of the site. Dynamo, Raven, and Manta can be found under the Toys section. Bruce and his Clone will be added to Figures. Photos of the board game have been added to the Merchandise area. And last but not least, the Toyfare images are now available on our Guides page. Despite all the additions today, we still haven’t made it through our entire backlog of material. To top it off, we have quite a bit of new purchases coming in the mail. One package in particular, is coming all the way to us from Oslo, Norway. So come back soon and we’ll have even more for you!

Your regularly scheduled program!

We have a fairly major update today, so buckle in. wanted to focus on our original priorities with this post, and it seems fair to say we did. This time around we have the pleasure to showcase a little bit of everything that inspired, so without further ado, let’s have a rundown of the new additions:


  • Miles Mayhem (Outlaw)
  • Nash Gorey (Outlaw)


  • Mini World Books
  • Red Lunchbox & Thermos


  • Collector
  • Razorback (with box)

In addition to the big content refresh, we have another function change. Along the right-hand side you can now click our RSS icon to add our feed to your reader of choice. With the RSS feed, you will be able to receive updates as soon as they happen! Finally, remember to check back soon for some big toy updates coming soon.

Well, it’s about time!


Some time ago M.A.S.K. started getting DVD releases. Unfortunately for many of us, they generally fell into two types: very incomplete or non-English. Then came the fantastic release from Madman Entertainment, out of Australia. An English language set; sure, it didn’t have any extras or restoration, in fact it was as bare bones as possible, but it was – finally – all seventy-five episodes available on DVD in English.

Recently, Shout! Factory (the company that has seemingly risen out of the ashes left by Rhino) announced plans to release a U.S. edition of M.A.S.K. on DVD. The day of that release is now less than one month away! On Tuesday, August 9th, M.A.S.K. will hit stores across the United States. This set will include the original sixty-five episode series one. The final ten episodes, known as the Racing Series will not be part of this set, the final ten episodes are currently owned by another company – Cookie Jar Entertainment.

The set can be ordered online either through Shout! Factory or At this time, is offering a pre-order price of $60.99 ($9.00 less than on Shout! Factory’s official site), however, Shout! Factory is offering a M.A.S.K. iron-on transfer logo with purchase – while supplies last.

On a different note, would like to draw your attention to our Figure section. is always looking for ways to improve, whether they are major or minor changes. The update today is simple, but something that should enhance the quality of the site greatly. All the preview images in the Figure area have been redone with increased resolution for a sharper and clearer picture. If today’s post did not excite, check back soon, our next updates will be a return to toys and merchandise!

Variety is the spice of life

Today has the pleasure to present to you four new figures. All of them are variant paint schemes originally only available in Europe.

  • Calhoun Burns
  • Floyd Malloy
  • Miles Mayhem
  • Nash Gorey

These four represent a portion of the variants produced for the European market.

“M.A.S.K. is the mighty power that can save the day!”

You may have wondered why a site named ‘’ does not have any pictures of Boulder Hill, the answer is quality. The all-mighty Boulder Hill has not been posted because the photos absolutely must do it justice, until excellent photos could be taken it seemed wrong to add it to the site. Today is the day that changes. is now proud to offer nineteen photos of both Boulder Hill and it’s original box!


But Boulder Hill isn’t the only addition today. This is a major update and so it’s being packed with a ton of new stuff. One of our new additions is quite rare, some original animation cels from M.A.S.K. These are one of a kind originals, not reproductions. These are one of a kind and you can’t see them anywhere but!

Other additions:

  • Animation Cels
  • Alex Sector (Jackrabbit version 2)
  • Alex Sector (Disruptor mask)
  • Buddie Hawks (Penetrator version 2)
  • Calhoun Burns
  • Venom’s Revenge

This isn’t all we’ve got either, new items are still coming in. Check back soon for some more rare toys to be added to the site.