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Girls just wanna have fun!

We recently had a request for some more female friendly merchandise and we would hate to disappoint. As always, our merchandise can be found in our RedBubble store. There are three different items featuring Manta. The first is our classic instruction manual style shirt. Available in both purple and heathered grey. Second, we have a great die-cut sticker of Manta in attack mode. And finally, we have our first print available! A vintage style piece that can be purchased in a ton of sizes and ways – to see them all just go to the item page!


Support our agents!

Today is the first release of some of our new merchandise. Many thanks go out to Jason, from Agents of M.A.S.K. who provided the original image of Thunderhawk. You can now purchase this great shirt in our RedBubble store.


Along with this new shirt, two other pieces of are now available. Both of them stickers, the first is of Thunderhawk in jet mode and the second is Brad Turner’s Condor in helicopter mode. In addition, there are still a bunch of instruction sheets to process and turn into awesome shirts and merchandise. However, Thunderhawk seemed far too important to not prioritize.

On another note, to keep the social media train chugging there is now a Facebook page. Show your love and support by liking us today! It is also a great way to stay up to date on new posts and updates to the site. A Facebook button will also take its place in the sidebar for convenience.

A social gathering

Just a quick update for readers. Today the sidebar received a small facelift (it was looking a bit dusty and crowded). Links to the email, twitter and RSS all have spiffy new buttons. And, on a more exciting note, there is now a link to the brand new Instagram! This will be a place to find odd, funny, or funky images of your favorite M.A.S.K. toys and merchandise that do not quite fit anywhere else on the site.


One final quick note. James, from Cereal:Geek, just sent out an email letting people know that issues 13 and 14 are very close to reaching their pre-order goals. Please support the best 80s cartoon publication out there and order – if you haven’t already done so.


Happy Birthday M.A.S.K.!

Happy Birthday

On September 16th, 1985, children were treated to the very first airing of Mobile Armored Strike Kommand, M.A.S.K. The show has been described as a fusion of G.I. Joe and Transformers – but with its own unique appeal. Today is September 16th, 2013, which means M.A.S.K. is now twenty-eight years old. In that time, fans have been privileged to 75 animated episodes, a myriad of toys, an extensive comic book publication and a variety of other merchandise. To celebrate the birth of M.A.S.K., has put together an extensive look at different aspects of M.A.S.K., both past and present. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!


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Return of the Geek!

If you have never read Cereal:Geek you are missing out on the 80s animation publication. The magazine is masterminded by James Eatock, of He-Man fame. Recently, the next EIGHT issues of Cereal:Geek were announced for pre-order. For those who do not know, James is also a not-so-secret fan of M.A.S.K. and was good enough to send a little information our way. First and foremost. he had this artwork preview put together just for and our M.A.S.K. fans.


(Click on the image for a larger version)

As you can see, M.A.S.K. will definitely get a chance to shine in the upcoming issues. James has stated that M.A.S.K. will appear in all eight of the upcoming issues, including featuring a comic strip that will run across issues 11 through 14. For those who have not ordered already, there are multiple ordering options setup to fit every individual budget. You can order each upcoming individually, in groups, or all at once – just click here to take a look at the choices. And for those who are not sure if Cereal:Geek is something for them, you can always grab the digital previews available on this page for only a couple dollars. As always, will keep you up to date on all the latest and greatest M.A.S.K. news.

Back to back!

Today’s update is going to be a quick one, but just because it is short does not mean the quality is lacking. We have a beautiful piece of fan art from Will Ruzicka, a very talented artist. His work was originally posted on his deviantart page (this link will take you to the original page) and he was kind enough to allow to add it to our collection of fan art. You can also click to visit his deviantart home page. Will’s work also includes other 80s faves, including Silverhawks, G.I. Joe and Inspector Gadget. If you would like to see a larger version of this piece it can be seen on the Artwork page of, just scroll down to Vanessa – Draw a Day.feb_draw_a_day_10_by_wruzicka-d4pbtzi

Old is new again!

Over at SwivelArms, Paul Panfalone has done two incredible M.A.S.K. posters. Completely original works of both Matt Trakker and Miles Mayhem. He has two interesting posts talking about their creation: first here is the one for Matt Trakker, and second is Miles Mayhem.


Originally there was no information about obtaining these fantastic pieces. Then it was revealed that Paul had a small run printed that he would be taking with him on the road. None of this was great news for Then Paul announced he was giving away one copy of each poster to two lucky people. Slim chances there! But, finally, Paul put the remaining copies up for sale in his web store. The posters quickly sold out, but not before was able to get in an order for each!

Although they are no longer available we have hopes that Paul will do another edition, or create some other M.A.S.K. work for the fans out there. Either way, fans of the classic cartoon are very lucky to have such a talented creator on their side.

For large resolution images of both posters, head over to the Artwork section of to take a look.

Brand Spanking New!

As mentioned in the previous post, commissioned artist Dave Perillo to create two custom pieces. Today those pieces are now available for viewing!


As with all our other art, these are just thumbnails, the full sized (and gorgeous) work can be viewed over on the Artwork page.

On another note, we recently received word from the crew at StickerFixer promising three new label reproduction sets! Rest assured as soon as these are available will have them.

New Year, New Stuff!

Now that 2011 has been properly ushered in and people’s lives are getting back to normal it’s time to get back to work here at!

The update for today blurs the line between professional and fan art. The two new pieces over in the Artwork section are both by a talented artist who uses the sobriquet ‘Chi’. These works each feature the lonesome women of M.A.S.K., Gloria Baker and Vanessa Warfield. While these are thumbnails, full-sized versions can be found in the Artwork area.


We also have some other exciting news here at Artist Dave Perillo, aka Montygog, has been commissioned to do work especially for the site. If you are unfamiliar with Dave’s work you can take a look at his work on his website here: Montygog. These two pieces feature his signature style and design, one of which features the agents of M.A.S.K. and the other the dastardly VENOM. Check back soon to see the revealing of these great new additions to!

Art is the Ultimate Weapon!


That triumphant look on Matt’s face is for the latest update here at Clicking on the artwork section you will see six brand new additions. One of them is some of the original art from M.A.S.K. package artist, Lance Anderson, while the others are recent creations from some very talented artists.

There is quite a bit more art to be added as well so check back soon for another update!