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We’re back!

As usual, this update comes much later than anticipated, or hoped. However, that does not diminish the quality in any way. For those of you who have visited the site before, you will notice the addition of a new section. is now proud to open it’s Artwork area. Featuring both original production art as well as brand new artwork from some very talented artists in the fan community.


Much of the artwork seen, as well as a lot to come, was made possible through the generosity of James Eatock over at Cereal:Geek. For anyone unaware, Cereal:Geek is the 80s magazine. It features articles and artwork for all the classic cartoons of the 1980s. There newest issue, six, has just become available and can be ordered easily on their website.


Today’s update is a quick one, but is great because it features one of the only two female characters from M.A.S.K. In a show that seemingly tried to encompass every ethnic group, the show was remarkably low on women. M.A.S.K. and Venom each only having a single female member. M.A.S.K. had Gloria Baker, while Venom had Vanessa Warfield. This striped hair vixen of evil is the star of today’s update. Like the previous updates comic strip, this mini poster comes out of Eagle, from the UK. (The full sized image can be found in the Media section)

Manta mini poster (28 Jan 1989)_Edit