Back in action!

Toyfare121_CloseUpThe outside world has kept us busy here at for the last few weeks but we’re happy to get back to the world of M.A.S.K. today. The upside of not posting new content for a length of time is that we have even more to post now!

  • Dynamo
  • Raven Box
  • Manta
  • Bruce Sato (Dynamo)
  • Bruce Sato Clone (Dynamo)
  • Parker Brothers Board Game
  • Toyfare 121 ExposĂ©

To see everything in this update you’ll have to visit almost every page of the site. Dynamo, Raven, and Manta can be found under the Toys section. Bruce and his Clone will be added to Figures. Photos of the board game have been added to the Merchandise area. And last but not least, the Toyfare images are now available on our Guides page. Despite all the additions today, we still haven’t made it through our entire backlog of material. To top it off, we have quite a bit of new purchases coming in the mail. One package in particular, is coming all the way to us from Oslo, Norway. So come back soon and we’ll have even more for you!

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