Old is new again!

Over at SwivelArms, Paul Panfalone has done two incredible M.A.S.K. posters. Completely original works of both Matt Trakker and Miles Mayhem. He has two interesting posts talking about their creation: first here is the one for Matt Trakker, and second is Miles Mayhem.


Originally there was no information about obtaining these fantastic pieces. Then it was revealed that Paul had a small run printed that he would be taking with him on the road. None of this was great news for boulder-hill.net. Then Paul announced he was giving away one copy of each poster to two lucky people. Slim chances there! But, finally, Paul put the remaining copies up for sale in his web store. The posters quickly sold out, but not before boulder-hill.net was able to get in an order for each!

Although they are no longer available we have hopes that Paul will do another edition, or create some other M.A.S.K. work for the fans out there. Either way, fans of the classic cartoon are very lucky to have such a talented creator on their side.

For large resolution images of both posters, head over to the Artwork section of boulder-hill.net to take a look.

2 thoughts on “Old is new again!

  1. Thanks for posting these, bud! Also, huge thanks for picking them up from the store. Hope you’re enjoying them…I may have another M.A.S.K. related project up my sleeve for the future as well. 😉

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