“When Opportunity KNOX!”

MASK_#001_000For those who REALLY have their M.A.S.K. trivia down, the title of today’s article should tell you what it’s all about. When Opportunity KNOX! is the title of the first issue of the M.A.S.K. comic series from DC Comics. And that is exactly what we are adding to boulder-hill.net today! The entire story can now be found over in the Comics section of the site. That is TWENTY-TWO pages of M.A.S.K. and VENOM going at it, plus a special Boulder-Hill blueprint page! We will hopefully be adding the entire original, four issue, run of M.A.S.K. to boulder-hill.net very soon (for those who don’t know, there was another nine issue series that followed that). Further, the comics section will also be getting a redesign to help make things a little more organized.

Scott from M.A.S.K. Comics also listened in on MASKast 28 and had some great info to share in regards to M.A.S.K. comics, particularly the ones published over in the UK, here is an excerpt from Scott:

“…In the UK the comics were published by IPC/Fleetway – technically the same company but the name Fleetway was used after part of the company was sold off.

The Eagle was another comic by the same publishers and quite often other comics would be merged with it probalby due to a decrease in sales – whether this was due to flagging sales of the Eagle or the other comics I’m not sure. It was a dark day when M.A.S.K. merged with the Eagle and I know that I kind of lost interest at that point – even though I used to buy both comics prior to this.

The back story in the mini-comics was a great insight into the M.A.S.K. universe. Strangely, on the cartoon DVD package it states that “When investigating the mysterious death of his brother, MATT TRAKKER uncovers an international organisation known as VENOM” – however there is no mention of this in any of the cartoons.

As you so rightly point out, in the comic Matt and Miles worked together but in the cartoon Miles doesn’t know who the M.A.S.K. team members are – until the racing series. (With one episode exception but he forgets who they are after the Crystal Skull is destroyed).

In the UK Comics, the back story has Joe Trakker as being Matt’s brother – who is subsequently killed with the rest of the original M.A.S.K. team in an ambush by Mayhem. Therefore, in the UK comics each team know their opponents…”


Thanks for the great insights Scott. For those who have not made it over yet, Scott has his own website M.A.S.K. Comics full of great images and info.

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