Comic Mayhem!

Jason and Wyatt, from the M.A.S.K. Movie Blog, have extended another invitation to appear on their podcast, MASKast. This time, to review the original four issue comic series released in the United States by DC Comics. It sounds like a great idea and it is a great motivation to get issues two, three and four up on for people to read! We will be recording soon and then the episode will be available after Jason and Wyatt have a chance to edit and add all the great sound effects and music.

If you have not made it over to the Comics section before you will also find the original mini comics that were included with M.A.S.K. toys as well as some stories from the British publication, Eagle. Below are the covers to the three issues that have been recently added. As you can see from the covers the books have some pretty fantastic artwork. Hopefully you will have a chance to read the issues before the next episode of MASKast is released so you can really follow along and enjoy the show!


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