Two, for the price of one

One of the stranger toys to come out of the M.A.S.K. production line was definitely the Laser Command set. The set included two ‘vehicles’ that interacted using infrared rays. The M.A.S.K. vehicle was Hornet, but to label it a vehicle is a bit generous. Before transforming, Hornet starts as a crate – not exactly ‘Mobile’. Hornet did convert into a mini-jet, piloted by none other than the leader of the M.A.S.K. team, Matt Trakker.

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VENOMs contribution to this set is Ratfang, a blue station wagon that transforms into… a blue station wagon with “flash cannons”. After looking at Ratfang for a few moments it will probably begin to give people a sense of déjà vu. This is because most of Ratfang is actually just Firecracker. To be precise, the entire front half is exactly the same, just blue. The back half is also fairly similar. The pickup truck bed has been replaced with a full back – this provides a place for wiring, electronics and the very important 9V battery. To face off against Matt Trakker – Ratfang was controlled by Miles Mayhem himself.

The real transformation for Ratfang came when interacting with Hornet. When Hornet fires its ‘lasers’ – which made appropriate laser sounds – Ratfang takes combat damage. The first blast causes the hood and engine block to pop off. The second takes out the front passenger door. And the third and final attack makes Ratfang’s front wheels to fly off. These cynical comments aside, the Laser Command set was a very exciting toy for any kid growing up in the ’80s. The ability to blow up VENOM with lasers was an easy selling point. Hornet and Ratfang never made it onto the animated series. It is entirely possible that Kenner never intended to bring them to the series at all – just using the laser feature as a cash cow. Either way, one of the last produced toys from M.A.S.K. ended up being one of their best.

Of this set, only Matt with his Lasertron mask has already made it onto, previously. This installment brings both Hornet, Ratfang along with Miles Mayhem with Raynet mask. Hornet and Ratfang will join our Toys page while Miles will be found along with his other uniforms on the Figures page.

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