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This morning, our friend Paul – of PaulPants.com –  sent over an email to let us know that his completely original Spectrum and Viper posters are going back into production. For those who have never seen them, the first run was printed at 18″ x 24″. This second run will be at a slightly reduced size of 12″ x 16″. The plus side is that Paul is able to price them to fly off the virtual shelf – only twenty dollars! The original run was beautiful and glossy on heavy poster paper and Paul says these will look just as good. Fair warning, the posters have not been printed yet. This is a pre-order, the printed posters will begin shipping on August 18th (roughly one month from now).

Firecracker shirtHurricane shirt

But wait! Paul is not the only one with something to offer. Today we have two new vehicles in our Redbubble store. The first vehicle is Hondo MacLean’s very own Firecracker. As with the other shirts, Firecracker is available in a variety of colors and sizes. By default it is set to a nice bright orange, very similar to the its cartoon/toy appearance. Our other new addition is also driven by Hondo MacLean. In episode 29, A Matter of Gravity, Miles Mayhem and VENOM used a weapon to destroy Firecracker. At the conclusion of the episode Matt presented Hondo with his new vehicle – Hurricane (although in its first appearance Matt named it Nightstalker). While the orange pickup was lost to Hondo – Hurricane, a flame adorned ’57 Chevy was now ready for action and ensured Hondo would not miss a minute of the fight against evil.

There are more pieces of merchandise to come and Paul has said that if the re-issued posters are popular he will consider doing more M.A.S.K. inspired releases. Please show your support by ordering one or both. If you cannot order the posters then consider leaving him a comment on his fantastic site, PaulPants.com.

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