“Prepare to feel the anger of Bulldog!”

The last addition to the Boulder-Hill.net toy archive was Outlaw, way back in September of 2013! Not quite so long ago Bulldog was promised to our visitors, and today we deliver!

If you cannot wait, you can go straight to the images in the Toy area. But if you can hold off let’s give Bulldog an inspection…

Similar to Rhino, Bulldog is a truck. Bulldog transforms into a tank when in defense mode. Bulldog, and it’s driver – Boris ‘The Czar’ Bushkin – were part of the third wave of M.A.S.K. toys, commonly known as the Racing Series. As such, Boris and Bulldog did not appear in the cartoon until the ten episode second season. One fun thing to note – Bulldog was renamed Bulldoze for the European market.

Now that the history lesson is finished, let’s take a look at the toy itself.

In a world full of orange and purple, Bulldog stands out for being a pale blue. The vehicle has a fair number of moving parts and features, and as such, is prone to getting stuck or broken. The transforming mechanism can be temperamental, the missile is easily lost, and the saw blade can be broken if not careful. All that being said, Bulldog is a very cool addition to the M.A.S.K. universe.

While it is not as big as Rhino, Bulldog is definitely a robust toy. It offers a lot of changes to really alter its appearance when it converts. And, like most toys of the ’80s, the missile fires really far. Bulldog also has a ton of stickers, lending a lot of extra detail to it. All in all, it is a great vehicle and a shame that it showcased so late in the M.A.S.K. timeline.

Next time Bulldog’s driver, Boris Bushkin will be making his debut on Boulder-Hill.net!

2 thoughts on ““Prepare to feel the anger of Bulldog!”

  1. Who are you guys?

    Great site, but you don’t show any way to contact you, or even identify who you are!

    I’m new to the online MASK scene. I found your site while looking for the old mini-comics that I wish I never threw away when I was little.

  2. There’s a couple different ways to get in touch on the sidebar. Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Take your pick!

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