M.A.S.K. Contest Part II

There has been a lot more interest in my contest than I ever expected. When I initially started it I was not sure if anyone would bother to enter. That has certainly not been the case!

While I wish I could send everyone a M.A.S.K. gift, that is just not possible. However, I made the decision to add a second place winner to my contest. That person will receive a prize as well! So that means you have two chances to be a winner here!

If you are sitting there scratching your head and saying ‘what contest…’, then you should probably go to the original contest details here.

On a side note, my pals Jason and Wyatt from Agents of M.A.S.K. and Bill of Matt-Trakker.com will be at RetroCon this weekend with none other than the voice of Matt Trakker, Doug Stone! If you are in the Pennsylvania area, consider checking it out.

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