Comics, comics, comics!

That’s right, if you’re any kind of M.A.S.K. fan then you know that the buzz is all about comics! IDW! Revolution! M.A.S.K.!

Two days ago, Revolution #1 hit shelves. It released with a bunch of variant covers as well. And because this is, you can guess which ones I picked up. Obviously, the M.A.S.K. ones.


Both of these had been revealed online, but it’s great to have them in print finally. As you can see, the wraparound cover has a great shot of Brad Turner running with some of his over Revolution buddies, including Optimus Prime and Cobra Commander. And the other cover has the great bust image of the new and updated look for the Matt Trakker.

Ok, so a small thing to note. M.A.S.K. does not appear in the regular story of issue #1. The issue is jam packed with great action, and I’m sure Matt and the agents will be making their appearance soon. However, if you are a die-hard M.A.S.K. fan don’t be disappointed. There is an additional preview at the back of the issue that does contain M.A.S.K., or really VENOM elements. If you want to see that preview, it’s up in the Comics section right now!

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