The Revolution Continues

If you follow the Facebook (and you absolutely should), then you know that tonight’s update is about Revolution #2 and #3. Suffice it to say, many M.A.S.K. fans were left wanting with issue #1, which did not actually contain any of the M.A.S.K. agents (excluding the reprinted prelude). Issue #2 more than brings Matt, Miles and the rest of the team into the story.

I will not be providing an in-depth  review of the issues on here. There are too many non-M.A.S.K. elements that I do not follow (ROM, Micronauts, etc.) and would make a comprehensive review pointless. What I will do is quickly breakdown the highlights from a M.A.S.K. standpoint.

First, we are once again treated to a slew of variant covers. Issue #2 in particular, has a bunch of covers that in fact feature M.A.S.K.

Revolution #2

cover1 cover2b cover3 cover4

Revolution #3

cover1 cover2b

To be clear, there are more covers than the six above, however, these are the ones that have at least some element of M.A.S.K. The covers require a lot of analysis. Some are more M.A.S.K. centric than others. I find the Guido Guidi cover from #2 to be the most appealing. The image is dynamic, pays homage to Jack Kirby, and features M.A.S.K. front and center – not much more that a M.A.S.K. fan could ask for.

Now let’s jump to the issues themselves. For people following the series, you may be scratching your head at all the different groups and happenings. That is a symptom of this being the ‘event’ book. Revolution ties a bunch of different properties together, unless you are following every single book that is released you are bound to miss something. All that being said, even if you are only here for M.A.S.K. you should be able to follow the story relatively easily.
rev2spectrumIssue #2 has a lot of great M.A.S.K. action moments. Again, without giving any specifics away, readers are treated to an epic multi-page fight between M.A.S.K. and someone (read the book to find out). As is typical in big crossover events, there is a lot of action and there tends to be a little less subtle story telling. That holds true for issue #2, it is not a flaw, simply a fact to understand.

However! That does not mean that Revolution is all fights and explosions. Quite the contrary, in issue #3 we see some of the early stages of the strife building between Matt and Miles. All of which is handled quite well and creates a strong and natural path towards what we all know will be a disastrous ending for the two.

One other interesting thing, in issue #3 is that the we finally get the profile pages for Matt Trakker and Miles ‘Mayhem’ Manheim. Click on the individual images below to read them for yourself.

rev3mtprofile rev3mm
giveawayFinally, as promised, the details of how you can win your very own copy of M.A.S.K. Revolution, signed by Brandon Easton! To enter to win, all you have to do is write in with your favorite memory or experience with M.A.S.K., just send in an email and you will have your chance to win one of two copies, no purchase necessary! Please keep in mind that you will have to provide a mailing address to receive your comic if you are the winner.

That is going to wrap up this update. We are getting close to the release of M.A.S.K. #1 – the ongoing comic from IDW Publishing, for which many of us are holding our breath in anticipation. Please help to support IDW and the creatives behind Revolution and M.A.S.K. – even if you live in a country where purchasing comics is difficult keep in mind that all the issues are easily available for digital purchase. Let’s all do our part to ensure that illusion stays the ultimate weapon.

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