Secret Raiders!!!

While the update today does not appear huge, it marks the beginning of something big. The Figure section has been launched, which will feature photos of all the many M.A.S.K. characters! One other small addition that should not be overlooked are images from the new G.I. Joe vs Cobra comic book featuring Agent Trakker, the updated version of Matt Trakker!

New Figures:

  • Ali Bombay
  • Buddie ‘Clutch’ Hawks
  • Floyd Malloy
  • Lester Sludge
  • Sly Rax


2 thoughts on “Secret Raiders!!!

  1. They could have at least tried to match Ali Bombay’s mask to his outfit a little better. He looks like a walking US flag and his mask is…. black and dark purple. Wha?

  2. Waiting patiently for the other cases of Kenner’s ridiculous racist naming disgraces. Although IIRC they somehow made the non-disgrace Mexican character Julio Lopez, a doctor and unlike GI Joe, no moustache OR dog. Designers must’ve actually met a mexican person…

    On the other hand, they must’ve had some anti-Native American thing due to Chief Nevada Rushmore or whatever his name is.

    They need to restart MASK and put me in charge of naming everyone. I’ll provide them with exceptionally accurate stereotypes, and names that would only cause – at worst – a minor international incident or two, and a few small protests.

    Finally, whoever named Sly Rax was exceptional.


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