“M.A.S.K. is the mighty power that can save the day!”

You may have wondered why a site named ‘boulder-hill.net’ does not have any pictures of Boulder Hill, the answer is quality. The all-mighty Boulder Hill has not been posted because the photos absolutely must do it justice, until excellent photos could be taken it seemed wrong to add it to the site. Today is the day that changes. Boulder-Hill.net is now proud to offer nineteen photos of both Boulder Hill and it’s original box!


But Boulder Hill isn’t the only addition today. This is a major update and so it’s being packed with a ton of new stuff. One of our new additions is quite rare, some original animation cels from M.A.S.K. These are one of a kind originals, not reproductions. These are one of a kind and you can’t see them anywhere but boulder-hill.net!

Other additions:

  • Animation Cels
  • Alex Sector (Jackrabbit version 2)
  • Alex Sector (Disruptor mask)
  • Buddie Hawks (Penetrator version 2)
  • Calhoun Burns
  • Venom’s Revenge

This isn’t all we’ve got either, new items are still coming in. Check back soon for some more rare toys to be added to the site.

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