From the depths…

The last few weeks have been very exciting here. It seems every day there is some new M.A.S.K. thing to get excited about. What is so exceptional about this, is that it is mostly new works, like the fantastic LEGO creations of a few days ago. M.A.S.K. ended it’s original run in 1986, twenty-five years ago, knowing that people are still excited about it is definitely something to celebrate. However, today is a rewind to seven months before the first episode of M.A.S.K. ever aired.

In order to protect their property, Kenner filed patents on several of their vehicles; Thunderhawk, Condor, Rhino and Jackhammer. All four of those have been featured on for some time now. Today, however, we have the pleasure to showcase a fifth. After some lucky searching, has turned up the patent for Miles Mayhem’s Switchblade.

Toy helicopter

To see the page on a larger scale head over to the Guides page. Also accompanying the larger image, are the other four pages of this piece of M.A.S.K. history!

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