Names are tough…

As promised, has brought you a quick follow up to yesterday’s update. Today is another vehicle that had a naming mix-up during the show. Julio Lopez is something of an overachiever; language expert, cryptographer, and doctor. Oh yes, do not forget race car driver. Julio Lopez pilots the M.A.S.K. vehicle Firefly – mistakenly referred to as Dragonfly at one point.


Firefly was an off-road racer that converted into an attack plane. It sported an underside hatch that could release a bomb on unsuspecting VENOM agents. While this toy had some rather ingenious features and transforming parts, it also had some fragile pieces. Due to this fact, many of today’s Fireflys suffer from minor to major damage. Luckily, here we have the opportunity to present you a pristine example of this vehicle. Click on over to the Toy section to view photos of Firefly in both modes, as well as images of the box it came packed in.

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