Well, it’s about time!


Some time ago M.A.S.K. started getting DVD releases. Unfortunately for many of us, they generally fell into two types: very incomplete or non-English. Then came the fantastic release from Madman Entertainment, out of Australia. An English language set; sure, it didn’t have any extras or restoration, in fact it was as bare bones as possible, but it was – finally – all seventy-five episodes available on DVD in English.

Recently, Shout! Factory (the company that has seemingly risen out of the ashes left by Rhino) announced plans to release a U.S. edition of M.A.S.K. on DVD. The day of that release is now less than one month away! On Tuesday, August 9th, M.A.S.K. will hit stores across the United States. This set will include the original sixty-five episode series one. The final ten episodes, known as the Racing Series will not be part of this set, the final ten episodes are currently owned by another company – Cookie Jar Entertainment.

The set can be ordered online either through Shout! Factory or Amazon.com. At this time, Amazon.com is offering a pre-order price of $60.99 ($9.00 less than on Shout! Factory’s official site), however, Shout! Factory is offering a M.A.S.K. iron-on transfer logo with purchase – while supplies last.

On a different note, boulder-hill.net would like to draw your attention to our Figure section. Boulder-hill.net is always looking for ways to improve, whether they are major or minor changes. The update today is simple, but something that should enhance the quality of the site greatly. All the preview images in the Figure area have been redone with increased resolution for a sharper and clearer picture. If today’s post did not excite, check back soon, our next updates will be a return to toys and merchandise!

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